2019 Christmas toy event is on Dec 21- please bring toys and sign up to volunteer

19851 U S Hwy 46W, Spring Branch TX 78070

(210) 410-4831

Christmas Toy Drive

Annual Events - Continuous

started in 2002, we collect new unwrapped toys , sort and organize and then put on an event in South West San ANtonio at  the Frank Garrett Community Center, with the help of our friends at Blue Santa with the SAPD, the community organizers at the FGC and the City of San Antonio, we are able to fly Blue Santa in on a designated Saturday  ( a week or so before christmas)  then with the help of volunteers we hand out 100-1500 toys to kids who line up outside the center hours in advance.  

Other Toy Events

We deliver Toys to Hospitals , so kids who wake up on christmas day, they would have a gift from Santa Claus - also all kids who might have to visit ER will receive a toy 

We also take toys to certain areas , where we know there is a great need and we make sure deserving kids receive special gifts  from Santa